Thursday, December 10, 2015

lady deb & some things.

today was a nice day. my sweet friend deb picked me up & we headed to atlanta to do stuff. she needed her phone fixed bc it was janked which meant a trip to perimeter mall. the mall is bustling this time of year & i love it. people getting loved ones gifts, smells- some really good & some really bad. yankee candle is too much for me. way too much. all kinds of people buying all kinds of things. there were so many people there in the middle of the day? what do these people do?!?

starbucks coffee in hand we wandered around the mall & ended up in a few childrens clothing stores which made me really excited. deb has the cutest 10 month old little girl & if you know me you know i love kids & kids clothes. there was this one store that had the most unique clothing--- hanna anderson --CUTEST CLOTHES. they also have womens clothing & if i had a fist full of dollars i would buy something today.

so when in atlanta you eat something good & you get octane coffee. am i right? yes, i believe i am.
this was debs first time at bartaco & octane. i love introducing my favorite things to new people.

i had a pork tamale & a side of plantains. 

deb had a pork tamale & a side of pineapple.

so good. 

deb is the cutest & i am so glad to get to know another momma out there. isn't she cute?