Friday, December 4, 2015

god is incredible.

well for starters i have been super horrible with my posting. i have been busy with the holidays & other things & still do not have my christmas tree up.

this post will be all about all the amazing things the lord has been doing in the past few months. i can't believe this has taken me so long so here it goes.

SHOES: my sweet babies at CAD will all be getting a brand new pair of tennis shoes. for all of you that have been to CAD you know usually they have flip flops or those little slip on shoes that people donate which is AMAZING- BUT how incredible is it that the lord put someone on my path that is able to create an angel tree with their company & provide each kid with their very own pair of new shoes. i was in tears when she sent me the photos of the display. how i met her is crazy & the story is beautiful & her story of why she wanted to help is beautiful & i am just full of excitement & happiness. can you even wait to see their faces when they get their very own pair of shoes? i am going to take a lot of photos just so i can make a little video for everyone to see & hopefully raise more support for these sweet kids.

CAMERA: on my last trip to haiti our bus got stranded on the side of the road for a few hours. this is a typical thing to happen so you just make the best of it & start conversations with people. i got into a conversation with a sweet lady diane. the lord works in crazy ways as i type this story i can't even tell you all the feelings writing this brings up. so we are talking & she has this really cool instax full frame camera that she brought & i was sharing how happy i was that she brought it. all the people in the elderly home that got a photo to put on their wall, something of theirs to keep obviously meant the world to her. every family that got a photo right then to have. it was incredible. i started talking about all the things i wanted to do in haiti - and the photography classes i wanted to do with the kids. well she started talking about her daughter & how she had a non-profit that did just that. i was like no way, & when she told me the name of her daughters non-profit i almost lost my mind. YOU GUYS - it was the exact non profit that a friend told me about years ago that made me want to do the photography classes in haiti in the first place! -- PICTURE CHANGE

can we just stop & think about this for one second. God you never cease to amaze me. PLEASE check the non-profit out. kate is doing amazing things.

after our brief exchange of excitement, diane looks at me & says, well the lord wants me to give you this camera. WHAT! JESUS! i was blown away & in tears. i get teary just thinking about that.

FUNDING: so fundraising is always difficult as i have wrote about before. i haven't really gotten a lot of donations but everyone that knows me knows i will work myself to passing out to make a way for my trips. so the lord has opened and provided so much work for us for this trip! he is good & is always on time & always provides. if you are reading this & would like to give to us online you can do so HERE --- we have a few fundraising things coming up really soon so keep up with me on Facebook 

CREATIVITY: the lord has been putting all kinds of ideas into my heart to raise continual support for my trips to haiti. i can't wait to share with all of you once i have some stuff made.

KREYOL LESSONS: i started my lessons with haiti hub & i am so excited that i can actually write sentences now.

mwen kontan avek tout bagay!

-- i am happy with everything.

i walk around rattling off stuff all the time. it is so exciting and rewarding to be able to speak the language of the place that i love the most.

THE LORD IS GOOD. sometimes i get discouraged with life & he does things like this to lift my spirits and fill my heart. he knows our needs before we ask.