Thursday, November 19, 2015

long walks and being an adult.

who doesn't love walks in weather like today? i walk to the dry cleaners. i walk to get coffee. i walk just to walk & get fresh air. did i mention i walk for coffee?

today dockery & i walked to the hospital to get a coffee & chocolate chip cookie. i stayed on the phone with state farm becoming more of an adult. getting better insurance. getting renters insurance & LIFE INSURANCE. that last one is a bit weird. when they start saying things like "well, if your husband was to pass away you want to make sure you & your children are taken care of"- i DO NOT like to think of life without cory. that is just weird & makes me super sad.

cory & i have been married for four years (almost 5) & today we joined our cell phone accounts. so basically today i have saved us a ton of money & become way more of an adult. it feels good. now to buy a house. have a few kids. get a new car? nah. not right now. one thing at a time. even though a kid sounds good right about now ;)

carrollton - thank you for a gorgeous day.