Tuesday, November 3, 2015

wings. wings. wings.

wings. you love them. i love them. we all love them.

all you can eat wings. 50 cent wing nights. expensive wings. small wings. big wings. all wings are good.

i found this recipe on pinterest the other day & all i could think about was making some.

so i made them for dinner tonight & they are 2 things: good & easy.

                                                       step 1: get you some wings

                                                       step 2. put them in a bowl & add
                                                              5TB unsalted butter melted
                                                              1 TB veg oil (i used olive oil)
                                                              salt & pepper as desired
                                                              1 TB garlic powder

mix it all up & add to a parchment lined pan (i just sprayed a pan with coconut oil spray because i didn't have parchment paper.

bake for 30 min on 400 degrees

now while these little beauties are baking in a pan on the stove add the following

5 TB butter
whisk in 2 TB AP flour
1/2 cup honey
2 TB soy sauce

now when the wings have cooked 30 minutes take them out & brush this yummy stuff on top of them. be generous. this stuff is good. 

now put them back in the oven on broil. this will give the skin that crunchy texture you want. 

& just like that you have your dinner. i served this with rice & it was so good.

cheers to the wings.