Sunday, November 15, 2015

diy autumn wreath.

funny story: our neighbors/friends the crawford's hate when people decorate for christmas before thanksgiving , so to be funny i put my christmas wreath up on the front door & waited to see if they would see it. cory even stated to me, "evanda take that down" & i refused waiting to see if i would get a reaction. alison & russ were driving past our house & sure enough alison told russ to look at our front door & behold the christmas wreath #winning

now, i did not have a fall wreath & we have been looking for a while, i just couldn't find one that i really really liked.

so. my sweet husband decided to stop by hobby lobby & pick out everything he thought i would like to make a fall wreath. you guys! what? how did i get so blessed with such a thoughtful man? THANK YOU JESUS. he did an amazing job bc literally everything in the bag i was obsessed with. little pumpkins, little acorns, little baby corn, feathers, sunflowers - i was surprised to say the least!

the acorns are the CUTEST!

so people have been asking me, how do you even start? well for me i always pick out the focal point & build around it. with everything that cory got the sunflowers were the biggest & i had two of them so i built around those. 

to start i put the feathers on the back of the wreath to fill in some empty spots. 

then i added the brown stuff- i say stuff because i have no idea what it is called. 

i didn't use the orange - i am saving that for another project. 

this stuff has wire so it is easy to wrap around the wire wreath frame in places to hold it tightly together. 

then i added my focal points. 

i put one on the top & bottom & then added all the flowers to fill in gaps. 

the little corn added so much of a thanksgiving vibe & the little pumpkins pulled everything together. 

you should try it! it is so fun to pull something off the shelf year after year that YOU made. this is also a reminder of my sweet husband & how thoughtful he is. seriously, do you know many guys that would do this? i love our little wreath!

what kind of project are y'all working on for fall?