Friday, October 16, 2015

the creatives.

  1. 1
    relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
    "change unleashes people's creative energy"
  1. 1
    a person who is creative, typically in a professional context.

    you go to bed dreaming up ways to get out of your 9-5, you say i love photography, i love painting, i love building things, i love writing music, i love decorating, i love baking cakes, i love sewing, i love ________.

    what keeps you from pursuing those things?

    answer: yourself.

    we live in a world that is bustling with creatives. people who say you know what, i am tired of thinking i can do this & they take a step of faith in the lord & themselves & they pursue the desires of their hearts. 

    don't let fear control your life, because before you know it you will be retiring from a job that you worked 30+ years, unhappy & wishing you made different decisions. 

    if God puts a desire in your heart, go after it. if you fall pick yourself up & keep going. 

    keep the lord at the center of everything you do & say. 

    pray about those desires. 

    surround yourself with people that encourage your gifts, that help pick you up off the ground when you fall & they say how can i help you achieve your goals. 

    failure is not the end game you guys, its just a circumstance. a small little bump to the bigger picture. 

    i love seeing people all over the world chasing their dreams. i read a story about a kid that started a candy store when he was 11! you are never too young or too old to chase your dreams.

    i think at a young age the lord starts giving us creative ideas & our society pushes them out. our society says, no, you have to have the 9-5, you need a good retirement, you need your white fence, you need the new cars, you need to go to college as soon as you graduate high-school because everyone else does. before you know it you have no idea what you really want to do, because what everyone else wants for your life is somehow more important than what you want for yourself. all your money is spent paying for bills for things you never truly wanted & there is a world out there you might never see. people that you could be helping. relationships you could be building. 

    give your heart some credit. 

    what you want for your life matters. 

    what GOD wants for your life matters more. 

    make sure the people you are spending your time with are TRUE friends. 

    people who encourage you, who pray for you, who are there in the bad & good.

    i realize more every single day how important it is to surround yourself with positive people, people who will be honest with you, people who when they say i am going to pray for you they do, people who are a shoulder to lean on. FIND those people. 

    how you spend your time matters. find the passion inside & dive after it. 

    just wanted to encourage some fellow dreamers out there. it is time we start going after those dreams. 

    also as you know i write my blogs to music, todays choice : john muir, Buffalo Souls by: Dan Snyder

    buy it here

    cheers to the dreamers,