Monday, November 16, 2015

day trip to cleveland- tn

this past friday cory, myself & our friend dockery took a little trip to tn. i was so happy to have the day with cory, bc he literally works all the time to provide for us.

so our first stop was chattanooga - we stopped in the coolest coffee shop called revelator coffee  

you guys the menu was the smallest ever BUT it made me so happy! i love simple menus. the place was gorgeous & clean & i had the BEST iced cold brew.

this little tart was a sweet potato with granola. YUM!

& the best part is there is one in ATLANTA now. follow them on facebook for updates!

after chattanooga we drove over to cleveland & stopped at jordans bbq

dockery grew up on this bbq so it was nice to see one of the places that makes him feel at home. 

i had the pulled pork sammich. yum.

THIS was the BEST part of the bbq (except for the sweet tea) banana freakin pudding. it was warm & made my heart super happy. 

after lunch we stopped by pathway bookstore that also had coffee.... i know I'm an addict. we picked up a c.s. lewis book that we haven't read & of course picked up another coffee. it was a rosemary honey latte & it was delish & i believe the coffee shop was called bonlife. bonlife is all about fair-trade which i am a HUGE supporter of. 

after my 2nd cup of coffee we wondered around downtown cleveland. cute little town! 

one of the oldest clothing stores 

um.. hello there. my sweet man is looking mighty fine. 

all in all. good day trip & i think our next one is going to be just as fun. 

where is your favorite place to road trip too?

am i the only one that is a little addicted to coffee?