Tuesday, September 22, 2015

who to follow for fall?

that is all in caps because i am excited. i am yelling it. i walked to the coffee shop today & i felt the breeze. i felt fall wanting to be here.  right now it is a lovely 75 in carrollton & for some reason when this weather comes around i want to pick up & go.

ok- onto something else that i love. FALL FASHION.

flannel. camo. tall boots. ankle boots. moccasins. tights. cardigans. sweaters. beanies. hats. every kind of hat you can think of. if you like to follow fashion blogs PLEASE go follow my sweetie below.

my girl jessica is major fashionista & you can follow her for all her fashion do's & dont's & she is crazy, pretty, mom of 4- 4 you guys. she is a hottie mom. she also shops for DEALS. she will bust out in old school r&b at any moment & know every single word. she will get a tattoo at the drop of the hat & she is jess all the time which i love. i know i have wrote about her all the time but she is trying to get her blog rolling so go follow & yes i have a #girlcrush

she can literally walk into a store & get offered a job right no the spot. she's that "it" mom BUT she is so humble & so giving. you guys she gave me these killer boots the other day- i felt like it was christmas.

jess- your the best. especially when you dance. 

NOW for the fun part- i have been organizing my pinterest boards. you guys know i am ocd, a little anyways. instead of just having 1 board that is for my fashion i am doing summer, fall, winter & spring. it is easier for me & for people that follow me. instead of weeding through all the photos for the season you want you just click on the one specific you are looking through. 

so  you can follow my FALL one & tell me what is your favorite look. 

bear with me while i fill it up with my favorite things. share your favorites with me too!

who are your fashion favorites? i need some inspiration to follow!