Tuesday, August 4, 2015

being present.

what am i listening to? - Ben Rector on Spotify- I am literally just shuffling all of his amazing music.

anyways back to the post. do you ever just sit and think about your life, how it is, or how you want it to be? well i do. i do it all the time & i am sure i have written about this before. my man is always telling me to be more like a sniper rifle instead of a shotgun. what can i say? i like to do a lot of things all at once.

i think about where i would really like to live. i think about things i would like to have or buy. i think about vacations. i think about cars. i think to myself, man if i had the money i would do this or that. i would go here or there. i have been feeling really convicted of this lately. the lord is constantly having to remind me to be present. to be thankful for the here & now. i can spend so much time thinking of what i wish to be that i forget where i am & what i have now. i am so blessed. i have every single thing i need right at this moment & it is so important for me to acknowledge that. we all need to be reminded to be thankful for every single moment & know that the lord takes care of us each & every day. everything we need for every day we live is provided & that alone is an amazing thing. lets all challenge each other to be present. lets encourage each other to take everyday on a day to day basis. lets be there for each other in the times when we don't have lot & in times when we have so much. lets pray for each other & stand beside each other as christians should be doing. most importantly lets take time each & everyday with the lord to show him how much we care about him even in the times when we don't have what we think is enough. lets spend time with him when we have more than enough. lets put just as much energy in our time with the lord as we do with our new fitness schedule, or with our newest hobby, as we do with our friends, or even with this blog.

lets be present.

-- E