Monday, August 3, 2015

purchases lately.

if you know my you know i am crazy about certain things- like deodorant without aluminum.


i buy mine from sephora & this is the kind i get.

it works. i love it & i have tried every single one out there. do not buy tom's - it doesn't work & within an hr you smell like a trash bin.

i was in need of some simple v-necks but i didn't want to spend $20 - express was having a sale & i got them for $5.99 & i ordered them straight from my home in my comfy clothes. i HATE going to the mall so this was an ideal situation. i got these 2 below & the red one in another color for $25 & that includes shipping. i love deals. they have a 40% off sale so go get yours today!!

i also have this addiction to shopping on instagram & found the cutest free people shirt that should be coming this week. i bought it from this shop & this is the shirt i got, cute right?

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