Tuesday, September 9, 2014

thenvoy GIVEAWAY!

you guys i am so excited about this GIVEAWAY!

last friday i had the privilege of watching our dear friend jeremy perform at eddies attic with his new music venture thenvoy - you can read a little about his story here

these last two pictures were taken from thenvoy's instagram.

my husband played guitar for him that night and the place was packed, it was really cool to see them play together. after every single song it was quiet as a mouse like every person was just soaking up what was happening. i love live music, i love every single thing about it. eddies attic is such an intimate place & to see this kind of passionate music played there made my heart happy! you can tell when someone really enjoys what they are doing, & you can tell that about jeremy. he truly loves making music, even down to the cd itself. you guys they cut these out of wood, his gorgeous wife made the envelopes and they sealed them themselves. all kinds of love poured into these.

you can see the back and the front in this photo.

i had jeremy sign them so you will be getting a signed cd.

his wife runs their merch table & is probably one of the sweetest ladies i have met.

so what do you have to do to win?

simply go to his website & listen to some of his music & tell me what is your favorite!

comment below with your email & will select a winner!



mrs. estes