Friday, September 19, 2014

coffee, blue jean & a cuban.

last night after packing some boxes (we have 1 month until we move eeekkk), bethany came over & we walked to cafe intermezzo for coffee and cake. i love this girl. she is a true gem & one little lady i will miss when i move. she is one of those people that i feel like i can share with. share things i wouldn't normally with others. i just really want to take her with me & i am sure cory would love her boo h.b. to come too.

we talked about everything you can imagine. husbands going on tours. marriage. babies. vegetables. gardening. dreams. a little bit of everything. she is genuine and i appreciate that in her so much. sometimes i feel like i am not a good listener when i am with her because i just want to tell her everything hahaha. i got home last night & said to myself, geez evanda, you talk a lot. haha. oh goodness. 

you will be hearing a lot about her on an upcoming feature i will be doing on the blog. a little interview and some pictures of her amazing business she has started right in the heart of atlanta. i am seriously so excited about her interview!

o yea & i guess i should mention that is going to be a new thing i will be introducing on the blog. interviews. not lame interviews with just a bunch of questions, but interviews with heart & soul & a touch of photography in there as well. so exciting!!!

wore some blue jean & print today & for lunch had a cuban sammich.

what are your plans for the weekend?

tell me.

i really want to know.


mrs. estes