Wednesday, September 10, 2014

antico date.

i love pizza. i love good pizza, but i love GREAT pizza. antico's is great pizza. have you been? if not, you should go & don't forget to take a bottle of wine with you.

i always get the margherita pizza, because i am a sucker for picking something amazing & sticking with it every time. 

we took a bottle of wine with us & my sister brought a bottle with her as well.  it was fun to take her somewhere that i love so much & see her enjoy it too.

this is  my soon to be brother in law & his friend antonio.

after dinner we headed to the gelato place & it was so good as expected of course. 

i had the caramel. yummy!

those little ice cream trash cans are the cutest!

one of each please?

she is the cutest. 

i LOVE that she is engaged now. 

my sweet man. love him so much.


mrs. estes