Thursday, September 11, 2014

rentals- cheap tricks to add color.

i have been looking all over the place to find cool projects that can spruce up our soon to be rental home & i have found a few ideas that really stuck out.

simple & cheap. with rental properties i feel like there are all kinds of rules. one of my least favorites is the "you cannot paint the walls" what? wall color is magical even if you are painting the walls bright white. so. pinterest & my mind have been on this daydream binge of finding the remedy to my dilemma.

i plan on hanging colorful art- & using furniture as statement pieces. my sister is an artist & i want her to do some pieces for me as well as buy this one piece i have been wanting for a while.

                                                 these living room ideas are my favorite.

i am on the lookout for a really cool functional couch. i love this burnt orange!

i also love the idea of hanging old art work from when i was a kid. i have a ton of that stuff just boxed up so i plan on having a craft day & framing some!

DIY wood ideas to brighten up the space too.

i thought about doing this one, but changing hello to welcome.

or this piece where they blew up a hymn & framed it.

you can also add some color with a rug. i have always loved those cow hide rugs & ikea has a black one that i really really want. 

add a couple of throws to a sofa of your choice too!

i am a black, white & grey girl through & through, but bright colors do not scare me. 

add some color to furniture you already have! i have this really cool cabinet that i cannot wait to paint and use as my craft closet! that will be a full post in itself. sometimes the closet space in rentals are really small, but you can make do utilizing furniture you already have.

i am thinking of doing this color with the cabinet i have! its bright & will look so good with the black & white throw folded o top!

lamps are another way you can add some color or make them a statement piece.

there are plenty of ways you can add color by using things you already have to spice up a room. i am really excited to be moving and take pictures to show you guys the changes i will be making.  i love DIY projects & hopefully by then i will have another computer and can use my camera again.

in case you didn't know someone stole my husbands bookbag with our mac in it :( sad day.

cheers to future makeovers,