Friday, September 12, 2014

birthday weekend.

started my birthday weekend last night. picked up some fried chicken from publix for dinner & watched some sherlock holmes. why is there only 3 episodes? that show is so good.

tomorrow is my little get together at my moms house. i think i will always celebrate my birthday's at my moms. it reminds me of my childhood & i always feel young. i am turning 29 you guys. i feel like i have learned so much in my 29 years. i have grown a lot in the last few years. learned a lot about myself. learning how to say no to things. learning what true friends are. learning how valuable family is. learning to laugh. learning to celebrate everyday as a gift. i am looking forward to the last year in my twenties and plan on learning everything i can before i turn 30. who knows what the next year will bring, but i am really excited about it. what does the lord have in store for my life? that is the question. to all of you who will be celebrating my birthday with me- i love you guys to the max.

not going to be posting this weekend as i will be enjoying celebrating all weekend long!

wore my high-tops to celebrate early.