Wednesday, September 3, 2014

labor day weekend.

my holiday weekend went by too quickly. did it for you guys too?

friday ashlan & aj stopped by & we took a walk to cafe intermezzo for some coffee. cory had some pasta and the skidmore's shared an oreo cheesecake. i got my usual caramel cappuccino. i am going to miss that little place when we move.

saturday we stopped by my mom and  step-dads house to hang for a bit- she made me one of the best iced coffees i have had in a while. we then went to the crawford's house to hang out and head to dinner to celebrate russ getting his masters! i got to see all of their kids who are such a joy & then we headed to gumbeauxs. i know you guys have heard me mention them before, but seriously so good.

cory & russ usually get their guitars out and play.

i brought the girls come coloring books & crafty things & we played for a while.

lyla took my picture

their new addition is little will & i cannot get enough. cannot wait to have my own little ones so they can play together. can you tell he was flirting?

& then of course there is "abomb" & she is one of the most amazing women i know. she has been there for me through so much & knows the deep stuff. i look up to her in so many ways & cannot wait to live close to them. i am looking forward to many more memories to come.

she is a total babe.

sunday was church & lunch at cory's parents. i am so blessed to have such an amazing church family. 
monday we slept in and then headed to my moms house for lunch. she showed out with ribs, homemade biscuits, sweet potato fries, & pinto  beans. she also made some amazing cookies for desert & we all watched a  movie together. 

so blessed.

what exciting things did you do for labor day?


mrs. estes