Thursday, August 28, 2014

a #tbt, favorites. halloween.

everyone does #tbt these days, including myself, so today i am going to start this post with a throw back to 2 weeks ago. my toes in the sand on the beach.

this post is going to be about a few of my favorite things lately, starting with this root beer i had at lunch.

this new planner i got today. let me just tell you, i am obsessed with buying new planners & the one i got in jan. has seen better days. this planner inlcudes, july-dec of this year & all of next year. 

this purse made by my sweet haitian friends.

my sweet dexter cat and his western look.

what i am wanting off the sephora sale site.

love love lip color!

september is literally days away you guys & i have already been pinning my heart out with ideas for halloween. every year we throw a really cool halloween party & i simply cannot wait. there are going to be prizes for best food items & prizes for best costume & so much more. if you follow me on pinterest you can see a lot of my ideas here 

i am throwing this party with my dear friend ashlan this year & it is going to better than ever. 

 my top 5 food ideas.

i did these little guys at one of the parties and they were a hit & so easy. 

these are so easy & oh so yummy!

my top 5 drink ideas

use a glove and fill with ice- tie off and freeze.

this is good for making your house smell like fall! i remember this smell from when i was a kid.

& now for some decorations.

all of these ideas are diy & won't take a lot of time at all. i am thinking of having a small band play too! 

the countdown has begun to the estes annual halloween party!


mrs. estes