Wednesday, September 17, 2014

change is good & scary.

a lot of change is happening in the estes household. change is good, but scary right? cory & i were talking last night when we got home from some friends about how it is scary all the new things that are coming our way. things that we are not used to & we both agree we have become comfortable with where we are. with that being said we sign our rental agreement to a house in carrollton the end of this week or beginning of next. we won't be living full time in carrollton until jan.

                                        i introduce you to the new estes rental. so charming.

i absolutely love it. 
things i love about it- big basement for all of cory's music gear & room for storage- fenced in back yard with a cute little patio for a grill- huge old tree perfect for my eno- a swing on the from porch- 2 bedrooms- all hardwood floors- open kitchen.

you can literally walk to the square & church from where we are. some of our best friends live a few houses down!

another new thing that wont happen until the summer is school. i am going back for cosmetology. i have been wanting to go & learn this trade for a while now, but have not had the opportunity. i feel like if i want to go & get this degree now i need to do it before i have kids, right? 

finding a new job should not be difficult, but it is still a little stressful.  

moving in itself is a little crazy, but i am excited to be back in the country. i am sad to leave all of our friends in the atlanta area that we are used to seeing on the regular, but we will just have to make time for all of them. 

cory has a lot of opportunity that has been thrown his way & we are just praying for guidance & clarity.

i cannot wait to post picture of the rooms as i get them decorated, all the diy projects that will be happening in this little home, all of the new memories, all of the dinners, & our upcoming halloween party.


i am on the lookout for a new sectional couch & i like this one, but i am not sure how comfortable it would be. i need comfort. 

from ikea here

can you believe that i might have my first kid in this house? 
i get little butterflies thinking about it.

on a side note i have left over cake from my birthday & our friends made us a yummy dinner last night.


mrs. estes

p.s. let's all take a moment a realize how blessed we are. my heart is a little heavy for Israel after reading an article this morning. we are really blessed to be able to live the kind of lives we all do.