Wednesday, August 20, 2014

vacation part 3.

this is going to be my favorite post & last post about vacation. 3 parts you guys. sorry!

as you know i did my research before visiting daytona, 1. because i have never been 2. i like to make good use of my time.

hidden treasure rum bar & grill.  - you are a piece of work , with your huge portions, friendly staff, all you can eat crab legs on wednesday night, & last but not least amazing prices. if you are ever in daytona please please drive to this place, if you are staying in ponce inlet it is so close, if you just want to drive somewhere amazing to eat get up from your desk tell your boss you are not feeling well and make the drive. 4 hours, 7 hours or even 10, get my point?

                                                                         the view.

the food.

i had 6 orders of crab legs, pretty impressed with  myself.

jill had the order of nachos. this thing was huge!

cory is funny.

caught this selfie in action. 

needless to say we will be going back to this place. incredible.

here are some shots of storms rolling in & a night of put-put.

hes cute.

jill & zac


serious face.

we also took a few walks.

caught this bird in flight.

& this man fishing. 

& of course a few pictures of zeke.

& us girls.
ronda, megan. me, & jill.

cutest couple award.

on our very last day we saw one of the turtle nest care takers checking out a nest in front of our condo. we rushed down to see what all the commotion was, well the nest had hatched 3 days prior & we couldn't see any tracks because of the rain. the lady was digging and digging so she could get all the eggs out and count how many hatched & see how many did not. they are trying to make the numbers of survival for baby turtles higher so what they will do is put the eggs that did not hatch just a little below the sand so they have a chance of making it which is still highly unlikely. we made our way back to the condo & started packing the jeeps, i was still staring at the ocean and the group around the nest- all of the sudden one of the boy scout troops had something in his hand and everyone was walking to the ocean. i started yelling for megan (she is a little obsessed with sea turtles) and ronda & i took off. one of the sea turtles was still under the sand! it was like God saved one just for all of us to see. it was so tiny & so cute & we were all so happy to see it take off past the waves.

vacation was great. 


mrs. estes