Wednesday, July 30, 2014

wedds last day with the estes.

we are all so sad to see him go but happy to see him soon.

he basically spent the day with cory sleeping in until 12:00- ate- & played video games. he also learned to play drums. which is pretty good at.

here are some pictures that cory took.

they are escorpion- which i mentioned in my previous post. yum

when i got home from work i walked into a jam session they had going on. wedds was on point with those drums. i wish i would have had time to video it. we met up with ronda & some friends for dinner to drop him off since she is taking him to the airport on thursday.

of course on the way he slept

he is the cutest. 

we all ate at gumbeaux's which i also wrote about yesterday. that place is so good, however last night it took them forever to seat us & took forever to get us our food. it was their shrimp night- 50 cents a shrimp. you can get 10 for $5. so of course it is going to be busy. i love that place though & the people we met up with.




wedds & i

gonna miss you buddy!

& of course little zeke

all in all we all had such a fantastic time having him here. we are so thankful that we got to spend time with him & so many people that love wedds was able to take him to do such fun things. i am sure he made lasting memories, but i know he misses haiti , his family & friends. 

ronda will be writing about his trip to the zoo soon, be sure to follow her blog to see the post! i will link over to it once shes posts it.

 if you would ever like to donate to one of our mission trips to haiti feel free to email me. if my husband would give the "ok" i would live there part time! i am a little jealous that he is going back & i am not going with him.

mwen renmen ayiti!


mrs. estes