Friday, August 22, 2014

31 days.

until... FALL.

wait. what?

crazy right? i feel like this summer has flown by, it was just yesterday cory & i were walking up peachtree st in the frozen tundra with cars parked everywhere on the street. i am such a summer girl, but fall has been growing on me. the fashion, the cool breeze, pumpkin spice latte, sitting by the fire, roasting marshmallows, snuggles, & of course the leaves changing color.

i have been looking all over the internet for fall fashion pieces i would like & so far these are some of my favorites (you can follow my pinterest board here)

fall shoes.

with warmer weather brings warmer food. soups- crock pot meals- sweet potato casserole

check all of these recipes here

eek! my birthday is coming up quickly & i will  be making a trip to alabama. yes alabama. why? the amazing store where all the lost luggage goes there & you can buy things! i am so excited. who wants to go?


mrs. estes