Wednesday, July 9, 2014

smaller homes & big dreams.

the mr. & i have been talking about homes, moving, renting, staying, big homes, small homes, tiny homes & everything else that goes along with it. i watched a documentary on netflix the other day about a young man who built his own tiny home on wheels. it was really small & perfect for a bachelor, but i am at the age where i want my family to grow, whether that be having a child, or adopting a child. i do however don't think i need a huge house either. i want a simple life, a simple home, a simple family, all things simple is what i want/need in my life. this is one of the things that haiti changed about my heart. i know this may sound stupid but sometimes i would just dream about building a house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms so i don't have to share the area with guests or my husband or a child when they come along, a huge kitchen with a lot of cabinets and space to bake pies all day, a huge laundry room where everything is organized & i can have jars for everything you can think of, big bedrooms with huge windows so the morning sunlight can shine through, but i don't think of these things anymore.

now my thoughts go a little more like this: i want a small cozy bedroom with a lot of light, i mean after all i do is sleep in there. i want a functional laundry room that serves its purpose, after all i do is wash clothes in there. i want a kitchen that makes use of the space. if i bump into my husband while i am baking a pie then there is a smile and an extra touch for the day. i want a living room where people can come over and they feel at home, where if someone needs a place to sleep they have it, where one day when we have kids & there are toys everywhere i have a basket there for all the toys to be thrown in. my heart is more towards enjoying the small moments, the simple moments that you will remember forever. what i think i needed before is not at all important or adding to the memories i want to make. i don't want a crazy house payment that takes me years to work and pay off. i don't want a car note that takes away money that could be helping someone in need or taking my family to a place we have never been. i get in this routine of working to make money to pay bills. i want to do something i love & make money to live.

so with all that being said i have been looking at DIY projects for the home, storage container homes, using pallet woods for functional floors/cabinets, the tiny home movement, or just a small home in general. these are some of the ones that i am in love with.

one thing i do like is a front porch. i love when we go to the crawfords house and hang out on their porch like last weekend. you can get a swing, or tie up your eno & relax. 

look at these shipping container homes, such a cool idea.

amazing kitchen ideas.

for the living room.

i can just see friends gathering in these spaces to play music, play games, talk about life, & eat dinners. yes, i am all for eating dinners in the living room. all my thoughts about future homes are about the people who are in it. the memories to be made. when we buy a home one day i want to live there for a very long time. when i was younger we moved so much & i don't want that for my children. i want them to have roots & stability. 

i also daydream about a farm. having my own garden, canning, growing my own veggies and everything else, raising chickens, & having a cow or 5.

check out these easy little garden beds.

a little green house too.

all of these can be found on my pinterest board here

i cannot wait to see what the future holds for me & my dream, but i am learning to live & love the journey.


mrs. estes