Monday, July 21, 2014

weekend recap.

whew. i am sitting at my desk right now about to pass out. sleep was not good to me last night. wedds spent a few days with us which i was thankful for. he is so sweet & i am just so happy he is here.

friday he went to whitewater with sarah & the youth group that was staying at the mission house we run in atlanta. he had so much fun & met some new friends. when he got back we went shopping at old navy. he wanted to pick his family out some gifts & we decided to get him a few cute things of his own.

 we all slept in on saturday. literally until 12:00. it was nice to not have anywhere to be.

cory got up and went on a little trip to krispy kreme. 

& i made a press.

thank you sweet husband. your the best. when wedds finally woke up and saw cory, he said "man you look nice", it was so sweet.

we goofed off watching so much stuff on tv. we watched UFC, afv, & we finished karate kid 2. that kid loves karate kid. he announced that he was hungry so we took a trip to popeyes for some chicken.

seriously, he is the cutest.

cory had some stuff to take care of so i packed a bag & got wedds things ready so we could head to carrollton as soon as he was done. while we were eating our lunch we started talking about wing eating contest & he decided he could win one. so we set up one for that night between cory, nick & wedds. hahahah! you guys, if you even knew how big these dudes are. poor wedds, he is so brave.  
we head to carrollton so wedds can win $20 eating wings, stop by sonic and get some ice cream and slushies. mm. ocean water is all i have to say.

so. here are some pictures of the competition. the one i took of cory chowing down was blurry & i was sad bc it was awesome.

wedds did not win, BUT it was so fun & he ate those wings so fast. 
cory was #1
nick was #2 
wedds was #3

good game you guys. 


mrs. estes