Sunday, July 27, 2014

birthday party part 1.

saturday night my mom opened up her home to some of my friends and made an amazing meal to celebrate wedds 12th bday. she made red beans, rice & grilled chicken. she made a chocolate cake & cookies too. so sweet & we are all so thankful.

here are some pictures.

                                              i have always wanted that service sign at my moms

katrina, zeke, & katrinas sister Margarita (i probably misspelled that)

laughter is good for the soul.

wedds loves jeremy.

ronda loves them cookies. 

sorry for the short post. i am exhausted. after wedds party (10:30 pm) we drove all the way to north carolina. 3 hours. we arrived at like 1:30 in the morning. cory lead worship the last day for a youth conference. needless to say i am beat.

hope you all had a fantastic weekend. i will post part 2 later.


mrs. estes