Wednesday, July 23, 2014

soba, east atlanta.

2 words. very good.

i met cory & his friend tony last night for some Pho from soba. if you look at their menu i got the #12 & it was so good. so many flavors & the smell was on the side of heavenly. this was actually my first time ordering pho. i had tried some of the broth from noodle & my sister made us some one time, but as far as paying for my own bowl, first timer.

first of all the serving size was massive. i got the medium, but i probably should have ordered the small. on the bright-side i have lunch today. the smell of this dish was incredible. we got an order of spring rolls #3  & they were amazing, the sauce on the side was so good & i have no earthly idea what was in it. i will def. be going back. if you are ever in the east atlanta area you should try this place out!

seriously the camera does not do this meal justice.


mrs. estes