Friday, July 25, 2014

going blonde.

my hair is naturally black & i have done just about every color except for blonde.

for example. one time my hair was half blonde & the other side was black.

one time i had a purple color running through it.

then i did some orange.

i had a blondish ombre

then that grew out into this.

then it went to this.

i also had this way back.

& this.

now it is this.

so. i have never done all the way blonde & i am going to take the plunge!

here are my options. what do you guys think?

it is a BIG change, but i think it will be fun. you can always change it back right?

what are some hairstyles you have taken a plunge to do? 

eeeek. now to make an appointment.


mrs. estes