Monday, July 7, 2014

crafty book.

i have started on this little book & i am so excited about the outcome and the process. i am no good at self control when it comes to hobby lobby. the clearance aisle is dangerous. look at the things i walked away with.

this little book made my creative mind start spinning. i thought what a fun way to incorporate my origrami order & a handmade photo album. if you have ever ordered from origrami you know how cool it is. you basically sign in to your instagram and order prints & i ordered mine to look like polaroids.

you just use the clasps to hold all the pages together.

i found this e & thought it was perfect. of course it was. 

i found some of the cutest little packs of tape with mustaches, fingers & glasses. i braided some thread and used the hot glue gun to hold it down.

this is one of the stamps i bought ($3).

cut out some little brown craft paper circles & put a little quote on it. i am still working on the book & i want to take my time to finish it, but you get the idea. you can do whatever you like with these things, no end to the creative, which makes me happy. i hope at the end it is filled with memories, quotes & little snippets in to happy moments in my life. 

here is another page- as you can see i just drew some triangles, painted them and did some cute little bubble letters. "est. 2011 estes" i have this picture of our first kiss that will go on this page too. so much you can do!

ronda was working on her project & i cannot wait for her blog post to be up about it. you can keep a look out for it here

look at her. gorgeous. i really am blessed with amazing, godly, gorgeous friends. she is the sweetest & there is no one else i would rather spend a saturday doing crafts with. love you mrs. ivey.

her pups were in on the action as well. this is rocko.

& bo.

i love this craft & one day i will be done & show you guys the complete project. don't you think its fun to take your time on something like this?


mrs. estes