Monday, July 7, 2014

i finally chose.

i have been searching for swim suits for a while now. i have looked everywhere you can think & they are either too much money or the site has horrible reviews. so. i have ordered from the site 6pm before & they have really good deals & i have never had a problem. i usually buy pieces instead of whole suits so i decided to order some nike bottoms from there. they are a good color & look super comfy.

then i went to the adidas site & ordered these bottoms.

i only have 1 top so far, but i decided on black bc it will match everything. kohls had some good clearance items & i chose this one.

i want another top-pref. on the sporty side so we shall see how the search goes. i should have all of these in by the end of the week so i will let you know!

i am so excited about this summer. it is going to be magical! daytona in 1 month! let the countdown begin.


mrs. estes