Tuesday, August 16, 2016

update on canaan & some THANK YOU'S!

i am sorry it has taken so long for me to write this post. trying to get in the swing of things, last papers for the non-profit, get the sponsorship program up & running, organizing the september trip, grow a baby & go to doctors appointments, do the laundry & take a minute to breathe.





i have so much to tell you. our last trip was very productive. laura & i got so much done. we had a lot of administrative, & research to do but we did it. there was a lot of love to give out to all those kids with it being us 2 but we did a pretty good job.

thanks to everyone that gave for the kids in canaan we were able to take:

624 pens
295 pencils
214 toothbrushes
152 tubes of toothpaste
31 boxes of crayons
150 bars of soap
20 bottles of lotion
30 bookbags

& $1500 to buy the fabric for the kids uniforms.

alix & wa-wa with all of the fabric. 


this girl never lets me do anything because of my "condition"

WHAT! God is so incredible & good.

i was in tears packing all of the supplies & giving it to wa-wa & alix made us so happy.

THANK YOU to  Villa Rica Christian Church - their VBS raised an incredible amount of supplies for us to take to those kids.

THANK YOU  Saint Andrew's Christian Church - thank you for letting laura & i speak, thank you for hosting spaghetti night to raise money, thank you for the prayers, thank you for everything.

THANK YOU  First Christian Church of Carrollton - who donated money to help the school get items they were in need of.

wa-wa & alix have given out the fabric to the kids so their families can have their uniforms made.

these are some of the kids that will going to the school. 

this is wa-wa's daughter. 

they are in the process of registering all the kids for school & then they will give out all the supplies that were donated!

they will take photos of all of this for us. i cannot wait to see them!

they will start the school in the church & were doing a bunch of repairs while we were there. before the church was so hot it did not have a lot of windows but they were putting a bunch in & i was so excited.

eventually when the money is raised we will build a school close to the church. 

this is the bathroom that is already almost finished. 

this is some of the land where the school will be in canaan.