Wednesday, August 17, 2016

first food delivery!


yesterday we had our FIRST food delivery at CAD & i am so excited to share all about it with you.

FIRST. i want to say THANK YOU to every single person who sponsors one of our kids at CAD. they are the most amazing, talented, sweet kids who just need people to love them & show them jesus. these kids raise themselves most days & need prayer, need encouragement & someone to believe in them & their dreams. my job with these kids is not always easy, yea i have fun with them & we play & joke BUT there are times when i have to sit down & have conversations about stealing, about running away, about fighting, about anger, hold them when they are crying, checking bones to see if their broken, talks about cursing, about forgiveness, about trust, & so much more. my heart leaves broken so many times but GOD keeps making me stronger to fight for these kids. i love these kids with my whole heart & they made me a mom. they really did.

so. on one of my last trips to haiti we created a menu for the kids- breakfast, lunch, dinner & when we send sponsorship money the money buys the items from the menu in 2 week time periods. so we send money on the 15th & the 1st. alix gets the money & buys the food, we pay for a tap-tap to deliver the food because we do not have a car in haiti yet. he takes photos, he makes a list of everything he gets & writes how much he gets of each things. he has someone at CAD sign the papers & then we put it in the food room.

*this is the list above, it does not include bread & eggs which we did get as well*

we also provide propane for cooking & water for drinking, cooking, & bathing. 

then through the week i will get photos of the kids meals!

i got a message from one of the kids that said "thank you for the food" & he told me that that day everyone got a cookie. i literally started crying. you guys, the smallest things we take for granted. A COOKIE. whew. lord help me to be thankful in seasons of need & seasons of plenty.

your $30 a month makes a huge difference. these kids are so appreciative! i cannot wait to tell all of them more about all of you & the ones who recently got sponsored. if you would like to write your child a letter or send them a gift i will always take it to them, they will be so excited- & i can assure you that you will get  something back. they love showing appreciation.

please pray for my trip in september - one month i will be with my kiddos. cannot wait!