Wednesday, September 30, 2015

life lately.

i have been very busy like always & i don't even have a full-time job, unless you count doing stuff for missions. trust me - it is like a full-time job for real. emotions alone are at least part-time bc you stop thinking about everything once you fall into a deep sleep. loving those kids never stops, thinking of going there never stops, thinking of ways to change situations never stops. i am so thankful the lord called me to this bc i know i am strong enough to handle whatever comes my way- that doesn't mean its any easier. i feel like i have this extra reservoir in my body to hold all the things i can't deal with until i get home & into a hot shower. anyways, like i say in every single blog post lately- FRIDAY i will be on a plane on the way to my second home. 

gonna miss this guy being with me though. 

excited about spending some time with my sweet jj. 

also, my sister got this candle for me for my birthday & i want to go to tj max & buy all of them. 

i have had the best time with my mom these last few months, LOVE where they are in life & i am so beyond happy for them. when i think about her & her story i think of this verse

isaiah 40:31 

but they that trust upon the lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run & not grow weary: they will walk & not faint.

i never posted these but my sweet kids at CAD sent me birthday cards & i was over the moon. 

my heart exploded. 

i have been addicted too never see the end by amanda cook- her new album "brave new world" wrecks me sometimes. as i type these words i literally have tears thinking about the words to this song. 

how deep
how wide
how high 
is your love for me
i can never see the end.

you guys. how can that alone not stop you in your tracks & change your day. no matter what you are going through, no matter the circumstances, the bills, the sadness, the insecurities, your dreams being crushed, life not happening the way you imagined, NOTHING matters except him & his love for you & your love for him. 

needless to say i will be off here for a bit but i am sure i will have many stories & photos to share when i get back. 

say prayers of our team, that we open our hearts & our hands to the lords plan & that everything we do we give God all the glory.