Friday, August 21, 2015

"friday meetups" -- samantha plank.

this girl is one of a kind. i met her through "instagram" a while back & from there our relationship sort of turned into this random texting of encouraging words to each other. she sent me a card when i was living in atlanta on a day when i needed it most & now i view her as a kindred spirit. it's the little things like that, that show how big our father is. that card has encouraged my on numerous days & it is a constant reminder that he pays attention. God is so intentional with his feelings for us & his thoughts for us, it truly amazes me.

it is crazy how small this world is & how things like social media can put your feet on a path to someone that can change your life in small ways & in big ways. i feel like this young woman is going to change many lives & recently she has started changing her own. 

i am so happy to share her interview with you & i know you will fall in love with her just as much as i have. she is also a fellow blogger and you can follow along with her -------> here

 Describe yourself in 3 words?

Hmm.. this is a tough one because usually my answers would be: bubbly, loud, and sweet. But honestly when I dig deeper they would be: compassionate, loving, and spiritually encouraging.

We all see how inspiring you are with your incredible healthy lifestyle transformation, but what & who inspires you?

Honestly what inspired me to start taking care of myself was true love. I was being controlled by so many things in my life. My image has been a huge thing since I was a teenager. I allowed what others thought about me to mess with my emotions, which led to me over eating and not taking care of my body. So I decided one day that I was done with all of that, and now I'm here on day 121 and I've lost 60 lbs! I honestly never believed in myself enough to keep going, and I've accomplished so much. I'm definitely motivated everyday to be the best Samantha that i can be possible. Specially for my future husband. lol

** you can follow her on her fitness instagram  or her regular instagram

Do you have a plan you follow or are do you just go for it? 
I always thought I had to have a plan i needed to follow before I could start, which led to me waiting day after day after day. So I just decided eat as clean as possible and as little carbs as possible. I love veggies so it wasn't that hard to switch. 

Favorite songs to jam out too? like the ones you sing to the top of your lungs in the car when you think no one is watching? 

I'm pretty sure you are going to laugh after I tell you which songs they are. 
A whole new world, from Aladdin
Should've been us- tori kelly
Chains break-Austin Admec 
and oh my gosh, Let it go from frozen. Ive never even seen the movie (i have a 7 year old sister)
Definitely get weird looks when singing that song haha 

Favorite childhood memory?
My favorite memory would be the times when I was younger and my brothers and I would dance and sing for my parents in our living room. lol cheesy but unforgettable. 

Favorite homemade recipe?
Hmm..definitely,  Cuisine a la Samantha haha Homemade mac and cheese 

Best advice you have ever been given?

Don't ever settle for less than what God has for you in this life. -Mommy

if you could go anywhere today, where would you go?

I would love to say where I really want to drive right now but I'll have to leave that to myself. (someone special is not in my state right now) 
instead i guess i would love to be on beach beach getting a tan enjoying the sun and not having a care in the world. 
favorite quote?
Don't shine so others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see Him.

if you were given a few minutes to share with a room full of strangers what's on your heart at this very moment, what would you say?
Don't ever think that what you have to offer isn't enough. We need to stop looking at ourselves and thinking so negatively. Don't settle for anything less than what The Father has for you. We all have a past, and a lot of us tend to look down upon ourselves, but God isn't so why should we. He has so much love for us, and it covers all the stuff we have done or will do. We are not the sins we commit, we are not what the enemy calls us, and we are not what the people in our lives call us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of Jesus! Nothing you have done or will do can ever separate you from the love of Jesus. Giving my life to Jesus was the greatest decision I could ever make and I am so thankful for His love and how I can share it with everyone around me. 

who do you look up to & why?

I look up to my mom so much. She is the most amazing mother/wife/friend I've ever known. She is a pure example of the woman I want to be every day. She loves God with all of her heart, and a prayer warrior. She has taught me to be all God has called me to be, along with how to love people. She is my best friend and someone I know I can always count on to be my biggest cheerleader. She's the type of woman people write books about. I am so thankful for her and seriously don't know what I would do without her in my life. I'd be lost. 

funny thing about this sweet girl is that we have never even met in person, (we need to change that one day)

please follow along with her if you need to be encouraged, if you just want to see her pretty little face more often or if you simply want to put more positive in your life. this world has so much negativity & there is such a need for people like samantha. she is a light in this world & she doesn't even know how many lives she is touching or will touch. my prayer for samantha is that everyday when she wakes up she knows where her worth comes from, that she knows how much the father truly loves her & that God re-energizes her fresh so she can go out & be the light that she already is every single day. 

samantha thank you for being willing to let me interview you, you are truly one-of-a-kind

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happy friday!