Friday, August 21, 2015

cold brew joe.

i love it. you love it. we all love it. if you don't like it, well we need to have a talk & i will change your mind.

i was a barista for about 3 years of my life & i really & truly miss it. i miss leaving the coffee house & smelling like espresso, i miss the people you meet & how you remember the regulars drinks just by the sound of their voice or their familiar face. the atmosphere in a coffee shop is a little addicting to say the least. i met one of my best friends working in a coffee shop & to this day we have regular dates at some of my favorite coffee shops.

octane & dancing goats would have to be my favorite. if you are ever in atlanta GIVE THEM A TRY.

now onto the good stuff: this might come as a big shocker to you but YOU can make your OWN cold brew right from the comfort of your home & its EASY!

what will you need:

coffee bag-  i got mine from amazon here
container - depending on how much you want to make
water- free from the sink

now step 1: if you get pre ground coffee you can use a 1 pound bag which is about 5 1/2 cups

i grind my own & this time i used this coffee below

i used 8 cups of coffee & like i said i grind my own

now pour use coffee into the bag

mine has a draw string like most of them do- so just pull it tightly & drop the bag in the container you are using. 

now fill your container up with water.

for 8 cups of coffee i used 16 quarts of water

now the boring part: waiting.

i let mine sit for about 30 hours. best thing to do is make it in the afternoon when you get home from work & then when you get back the next day it is DONE. 

best way to drink this is anytime of the day any place.