Thursday, March 5, 2015

feather dress shoot.

i am so happy to have finally put this thought into a shoot. i have spent countless hours making this dress & with the help of my sister (& business partner) we brought this to life last saturday.

** shout out to jessica for letting us take over your yard & your house (xoxo)
*** shout out to christa for letting us put makeup on you, give you so many knots in your hair, & helping us bring this idea together- you are stunning.

it was a very early start to the day- christa arrived at my house at 6am to get her first look together. i made hot tea & we got busy. let me tell you what, that girl has a lot of hair. a lott.

shenea got her first makeup look going & i could not have asked for a better look. christa looked like this magical fairy bird princess, if that makes any sense at all.

& here are some of my favorite looks from the first go around.

christa, you are stunning, seriously- thank you!

** the second look shenea wanted something a little more creative & this is the look she came up with. 

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mrs. estes