Wednesday, October 12, 2016

7 months.

time is a funny thing. sometimes it can move so slowly & then sometimes you blink & it's gone.

i feel like just yesterday i was taking a pregnancy test because i just knew i was pregnant. 4 test later- same result.

this pregnancy has been a breeze for me. i think the lord knew what trials we would be going through during this time & that i needed it to be easy breezy.

thank you God.

baby is getting big & moving ALOT. it is still the craziest most amazing experience i have been through. just this morning i was telling cory the baby was trying to escape from my belly. seriously. how do we grow humans? whoa whoa whoa.

my mom will be painting the nursery soon. i am ordering the rug & crib. it is all getting so real.
i finished my registry & i have my first baby shower soon. i keep looking at these little pants i have & thinking OH MY GOD. we are having a baby. it is so exciting. like SO EXCITING. cory will be making some shelves for the babies room. i have photos of my boys to hang up. i have letters & drawings from the kids at CAD.

i keep thinking about cory meeting the baby for the first time. i feel like i have these months to bond with this baby. feel all the feels. cory is like an outsider just watching me try to get out of the bed. watching me breathe heavy after 20 steps. the thought of him becoming a dad makes my heart skip a beat. i really do think it is going to something else when that baby makes his/her way into the world. 

so many people say so many things to you while you are pregnant & to be honest i let it flow in one ear & out the other. i have chosen to just take this pregnancy in my own terms so to speak. i am not afraid to deliver a baby in the privacy & comfort of my home. i feel empowered that my body was made to grow a human life. how exceptional is that? i am excited about the whole experience. i sit & think about holding my baby for the first time & i could cry just thinking about it.

this is my first baby biologically BUT i have two beautiful boys in haiti that cannot wait to meet their brother/sister. 

i want to thank everyone for all the prayers for haiti. all the messages of the best places to give money too. asking about my boys & all the kids at CAD. all my friends & family there. THANK YOU.
you all know how much of my heart belongs to haiti & i appreciate everything. there is so much to do & pretty soon our news will be covered with this insane election & haiti & the relief efforts will be last weeks news. lets not let that happen.