Monday, August 10, 2015


who doesn't love pasta. i don't eat it a lot bc if i did i would be the size of my house, but every once & while i do & when i do it is a very, very good thing. today we talk about this dish. a lemony-garlic- white wine infused with spices pasta dish.

i love cooking with my husband. i am usually obsessing about he acts like we have a gas stove, shoving the pans around & why in the world is sauce everywhere, or i am like, i just cleaned the kitchen. for those of you who know cory, you know he is an amazing cook & when I'm obsessing he's like.. tough. you will be fine. get over it. our words to each other in the kitchen make the memories hilarious & i wouldn't trade a thing. i giggle when i think of him in his apron.

i have had these spinach egg noodles sitting around for a little bit & wanted to make something with them. something lite & not too heavy. i left cory with the task of figuring that one out & he killed it. this pasta was just the right amount of spice, the flavor was incredible & we will def. be making this again & again.... in moderation of course.

he found this recipe & as you can tell by our photos ours looks a lot different & i am sure it tasted better, bc  my sweet man can cook y'all.

so here we go. on a photo journey into the pasta world (most photos were taken by our friend dockery)

this is the spinach egg noodles i had (they are AMAZING)

make sure when you are boiling your pasta you salt the water. i am sure you guys know that but just in case. 

so first things first. 

 we rinsed off the shrimp & set them in a little ice bath

while we waited for them we started prepping. 

parsley- chop it up, you need 1/2 cup

we used yellow tail white wine- you need 1/3 cup--- or more... lol

i juiced the lemons & you need about 1/4 cup- i put the extra in a container for lemon water through the week. 

*  start boiling those noodles in the salted water

now for the good stuff.

put your garlic- 3 TB minced in a pan on medium heat
add your unsalted butter 1/4 cup
add your olive oil  1/4 cup

let all that mix together & then add shrimp- we used 2 lbs
add your white wine 1/3 cup
add your lemon juice 1/4 cup
add red pepper flakes 1/2 tsp

this is where we added things that are not on the recipe
we added 1/4 tsp saffron
1/4 tsp of paprika

doesn't this look delish??

this should all cook until the shrimp is no longer translucent so about 5 minutes- just watch it.

now add black pepper 1tsp
your parsley  1/2 cup
add lemon zest 1TB - i just eyed it. we love lemon

*your noodles should be done by now- so we put ours in a strainer in the sink
let them sit for a minute

we tossed them with some olive oil bc these noodles are a little different to work with. 

now add your noodles to the pan


i did a side of bread. i cut it and broiled it until lightly brown

when its done i brushed each piece with olive oil & sprinkled with sea salt. 

now we are set. set to feed our faces with this. it was soooooo good. 

i even brought out cory's grandmas plates. 

this recipe was easy. we all ate until we were full & we had leftovers. 

i love spending time with people over a good meal. 

take a day & break bread with someone.

-- E