Saturday, January 3, 2015

jessica's christmas party.

i was so excited to take pictures of the cutest & most thoughtful christmas party i have been too. every single detail was so thought out & there was so much love in it. jessica is one of those down to earth southern moms who are so very genuine. she is full of life & she has a full house, which makes this party even more magical. i walked around thinking how in the world does a full time mom with 3 kids & one on the way have time to plan all of this? how does she decorate each square inch of her home with the cutest of things? how? how? how?

for starters she had an ornament station-

& then she had a cookie station-

she had a hot chocolate bar- she even took time to do a diy with coffee mugs & put each child's initial on the front. detail! i love it!

milk glasses, games, gifts, reindeer water bottles & more. i believe she is one of those mom's that all others mom's compare themselves too. you can do it all jessica. you can do it all & i love you for it. can't wait for her to do this next year!


mrs. estes