Saturday, December 20, 2014


ok so you might have to really think to remember, but a few months back i wrote about doing something with my sister. well we finally have started it! YAY! we have our Facebook page - our instagam - & we made our FIRST youtube video.

PLEASE go look at all of these & give us feedback if you like. the video explains what we are doing & we are sorry if it sounds like rambling hahaha. we will be posting videos on the weekly& we are so excited for you to be apart of our lives on a closer level. we will be sharing everything from makeup, hair, life in general, baking, photography & all of our other daydreams we have. we are both into a lot of different things & are gifted in a lot of different areas. we are happy that the lord made us sisters & now business partners. so excited for this new venture.

hope you all are ready for the holidays, i know we are!


mrs. estes